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results of liquefied hydrogen flow measurement campaign

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An LH2 Coriolis flow meter from Emerson was used as a reference meter in a LH2 flow test bench to determine errors of other flow meters. Flow rates achieved are up to 3000 kg/h, which are directly relevant to industry.

MetHyInfra consortium publicized results of liquefied hydrogen flow measurement campaign


Within the MetHyInfra consortium traceability for liquified hydrogen flows is developed in multiple ways. The EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 and usage of liquid hydrogen (LH2) is expected to grow fast. To establish the needed trust in custody transfer, traceability is required.  

This study indicates that by combining alternative fluid calibrations and Coriolis flow meter modelling, the achievable base standard uncertainty for LH2 mass flow rate measurement using a Coriolis flow meter as a reference lies within range 0.2 % - 0.5 % relative. Measurement data reveals errors of other LH2 flow meters ranging from 2.0 % to 2.9 % with an uncertainty of 1.3 % (k = 2). LH2 density is the dominant uncertainty source. It is used in the conversion of volume to mass.

The results have recently been published as a pre-print manuscript: zenodo-link